Who We Are

Buzzed Bull Creamery harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen to bring you and your family fresh, premium ice creams and milkshakes while offering a one-of-a-kind-experience.

We hand-craft each ice cream and milkshake to provide a fully customized option. We are making ice cream fun for everyone. For adults, we specialize in alcohol-infused ice cream & milkshakes that start at a 5% ABV. We encourage our guests to get creative with over 30 available flavors and enjoy the fun the innovative use of liquid nitrogen offers. The possibilities are truly endless.



Our process

It's simple.

We take our neutral flavored base (cream, sorbet, vegan/non-dairy), add in ingredients to flavor it, mix in the candies or fruits, make it buzzed or keep it non-buzzed, then the magic happens. We flash freeze all the ingredients to hand craft your ice cream and milkshake.

This allows us to create a creamier, premium dessert just for you!

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