New Location: Wilmington, NC

Since the start of 2019, we’ve announced the signing of 6 new franchise locations in North Carolina and 1 of those officially opened 2 weeks ago in Wilmington.

We were thrilled when we connected with Harry and Sandra Papanikolaou. The family was looking to further their dream of owning their own restaurant and extended the partnership with Cincinnati-based company Roll On In to include Buzzed Bull Creamery for a co-branded space. With Harry’s background of 25 years as a manager at McDonald’s, we knew they would knock it out of the park with this opportunity and they were eager to bring the buzz to their neighborhood. Harry, Sandra, and their family are owner/operators for both brands.

The first week for Buzzed Bull Creamery Wilmington was filled with lots customer love, support, and lots of ice cream & milkshakes. So much so they served up enough buzzed (alcohol infused, 21+) and non-buzzed ice creams and milkshakes that they ran out of liquid nitrogen!

“The overwhelming response resulted in us running out of liquid nitrogen. Overall it was like a roller coaster ride, scary and exciting, but at the end the ride is well worth it.”

Harry, Wilmington Owner/Operator

The team has received stellar reviews regarding their made to order ice creams and milkshakes at 3224 N College Rd, Suite B, Wilmington, NC 28503.

“I am grateful to have staff that will go above and beyond to ensure the customers get what they paid for.”

Harry, Wilmington Owner/Operator

One of our employees from Cincinnati had a chance to travel down and train Harry and his team. He has been with us for quite some time and will assist us as a trainer when it comes to opening future franchises.

DIllon Chirch and Colten Mounce travel to Wilmington, North Carolina to train new franchisees.

“I personally enjoyed the week I spent with them. I got to watch as they got comfortable with our processes, and that made me quite proud. I got to develop a pretty solid relationship with them. And of course, I got a taste of the amount of work it takes to open a location, making just as educational for me as it was for their team.”

Dillon Chirch, Buzzed Bull Creamery Trainee

“…I’m looking forward to watching their business grow.” Dillon concludes. The whole Buzzed Bull Creamery team looks forward to watching and mentoring the Wilmington, North Carolina location to be as successful as they can!

You can get all the details for their location here and additional news for locations here.