What We Do

So how do we do what we do?

Our innovative process provides a fully customized product hand-crafted from the cow up.
From sizing, bases, flavors, mix-in’s and alcohol, our guests can create their ideal frozen delight made entirely possible by liquid Nitrogen.

Posibilities are Endless

With over 20 mix-ins, over 30 available flavors, and ability to upgrade your liquor, the possibilities are truly endless.

AllĀ flavors are broken into 3 categories: Non-Buzzed, Buzzed, and Specialty. Our Non-Buzzed flavors are something you can easily associate with when you walk into any ice cream shop and is assumed no buzz. Our Buzzed flavors resemble order items from a cocktail menu at your local bar. These are assumed with our house buzz. BUT…..it doesn’t stop there. Feel free to make a Non-Buzzed flavor buzzed and Buzzed flavor Non-Buzzed.

Flash Freeze

We use the Liquid Nitrogen process to flash freeze your customized dessert in a matter of seconds. The whole process of making your dessert is an experience that captivates all audiences.


Because Nitrogen makes up approximately 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere, we breathe it in everyday! Liquid Nitrogen is the liquid state of the colorless and odorless element at a temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid Nitrogen allows us to freeze the ingredients on contact creating a smoother, creamier frozen dessert. The smoke flowing during our process is Nitrogen cooling the air as it is exposed to room temperature.